airDefender Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml -
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist safe for skin plus effective for 10 hours
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml  active coating last up to 48 hours
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml - idea of protect yourself from your personal belongings
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml - work place or common area are high risk? Use the active long lasting coating on any surface, protect you up to 48 hours
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml - becomes you essentials items, prefect for travel around
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml - An active antibacterial shield becomes a new standards life style
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml feature -
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml technology- how we different from others
Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml - saving cost saving the world in a long run

Daily Antibacterial Sanitising Mist 20ml

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Going outside unprotected is like going out in the rain without a raincoat. Virus and germs can easily be transmitted not just inside our body, but also on our belongings, and surroundings. 

Defend your health with our newly patented Quantum antimicrobial technology, a antiviral barrier that stays effective on your skin for the entire day!

Super convenient pocket size 20ml bring your normal life style back, prefect use for everyday mobile or travelling around the world. 

    •  Lasting Protection: Decompose 99.9% of harmful virus and bacteria, prevents bacteria reproduction effectively on the surface of your skin for over 10 hours. It works even longer up to 48 hours on surface such as mobile phone, keys and any personal belongings as well as travel around anywhere.
    • Laboratory Tested: Kill and block 99.9% virus and bacterial.
    • Non-toxic Alcohol-freeOral toxicity and skin allergy tested by SGS, suitable for all day use.
    • DeodorizingRemove unwanted organic odors. 
    • HydratingSoft and gentle formula on hands, face, feet, and body.
    • On-the-go: Easy-to-use. Hand-washing and use of other cleaning product does not disrupt its effectiveness.
    • Safe for kidsUnscented, non-flammable, and hypoallergenic. Safe for kids, adults and elders for all-day protection.
    • Comply EU standard: Approved to EN14476 - effectively against Coronavirus 

    How to Use: 
    • Apply a thin layer on skin evenly until dry. For best result, clean surface of your skin prior to use.
    • Re-apply every 8-10 hours or as needed.
    • Remove large droplets on glass surface within 15-20 seconds to avoid any markings. 

    Other Information: 
    • Store in room temperature. 
    • Avoid direct sunlight. Do Not Refrigerate. 
    • Use within 9 months after opening.

  • airDefender USA the modern hygiene solution

    Laboratory tested 

    • H1N1 Influenza Virus -  Report # ASH19-004942
    • E.Coli - Report # 100912172FDS1
    • MRSA - Report# 100912172FD1
    • Salmonella - Report# ASH15-026060
    • Legionella - Report# 120810413FD
    • Listeria- Report# ASH14-025972
    • CMCC - Report# ASH19-000911
    • Non-toxic (Acute Oral Poisoning) - Report# 070602924FD
    • Non-toxic ( Skin Allergy) - Report# 070703361FD
    • Formaldehyde Removal - Report# UG/2013/80235
    • TGEV-Coronavirus - model virus for SARS-CoV - Test# TGZ ID-14943
    • Vaccinia - VACV ( Test# Dkbl_EN-S_TGEV_AG425K)
    • EN14476 (S4 / TGEV-Coronavirus)
    • H1N1 Influenza A virus - Certification # DTK20-00415
    • 229E-Cov - Certification pending release.

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